Tuesday, September 20, 2005

They're here

The books came today. Eight heavy cartons containing 500 little pieces of my new adventure.

Of course the mailing envelopes I'd ordered from the printer were the old-fashioned, dirty padded variety, and the counter displays I'd bought from them were made of cardboard, but I'm told that mistakes are common the first time out. And in the grand scheme of things those mistakes weren't overly costly. I've already tracked down the cleaner bubble wrap mailers on the web, and counter displays are available in six different materials at Staples. But the extra book covers are spectacular. Next step is marketing, now that I have what I need.

Day One: (with no marketing to speak of)
2 copies sold.
20 copies out on consignment to friends' offices.
Got a gig at a professional convention in November with 300 potential attendees plus 25 other exhibitors as my possible customers. Perfect timing for a gift book as the holidays approach.

For anyone keeping score, selling 134 books (of my 500 printing) recoups not just the cost of the printing, but the entire initial investment.

Here we go...

You've got built in traffic coming to this blog.
Why no place that says "see the book" or "buy the book"??
Yeah! Where DO you say that? You did it...Celebrate it and let everyone make the choice weither to buy, read, or not. Never prejudge cause ya just never know.
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