Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A New Direction

I'm going away next week, which is the real reason I haven't started any huge marketing push for my book yet. It's selling here and there from the office, but things have been a little slow there too, so there's not much to post.

Because of that, I'd like to take this blog off in a slightly different direction. Not that different, actually; just an expansion on the subject of self publishing.

I'm going to review self-publishing sites on the web. I've been exploring some of them, and I'd like to go back, review the fine print, and report back on what's really out there.

Why do I feel qualified to do this? Because I am smart, skeptical, able to see through smoke and mirrors, willing to call a spade a spade (and a vanity press a vanity press) and most importantly, I am a disinterested, neutral party not trying to sell anyone anything. I've already decided to be my own publisher (true self-publishing) so I'm not in the market for any of their services. I'm not working for any of them, nor am I getting any money (or favors; no nuttin') from them. I have done my homework (as attested to by none other than Miss Snark; see comment to my first post) and I feel I have a good enough handle on this aspect of publishing to provide useful insights to others. And that's what I'm finding makes for a good (read "popular") blog.

How is this different from what you could do by perusing the websites yourself? It's not. I'm just offering my opinions in hopes of informing, facilitating discussion, and providing yet another layer of potential warning between writers' money and those who want it.

Here's how I plan to organize my comments:
*What they say
*What they really do

*Bottom line: what it smells like.

Just off the top of my head, here are some of the sites I plan to review in the coming weeks:
(May as well start with the biggies, to develop my rating systems and so on.)

I'm open to suggestions, both about who and what you want me to look at.

So what did it smell like anyway? Hopefully not as bad as the smoker with 8 cats!
There is no reason to explain why you did this. It's simple; you wanted to and you did. End of story. You did more than most people could have done or would have done. some just sit and think....and others just sit. You reacted and followed a dream. Get out there and tell everyone!
No reason NOT to push your book while you're away. Take a few copies, business cards, and your links. Talk it up, no reason not too. Step out of your comfort zone and just tell people you wrote a book. I'd love to be able to do that...been a dream to write one. What would Oprah do?
Good luck!
At least tell us what your book is about. Fiction? Nonfiction? Genre? Work with us here!
Quirky, offbeat, niche-market poetry.
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