Friday, September 23, 2005

Better later than never

So in between maintaining my new blog, running a full time business, raising a family, and keeping up with three cats, a dog, and a new publishing business, I finally got around to reading some more of the publishing blogs that are out here. Thanks as always to the lovely Miss Snark as a jumping off point for links, I perused Agent007's blog the other day. From there I found a profanity filled rant (can't even call it a blog) by a scammer who thinks he's an agent (and who things writers have no business being involved in a writing watchdog group; go figure) and another guy who seems to have seen through all her insider angst (and is at least funny.) I also checked out POD-dy Mouth, which I found a little hard to follow, but also interesting, and several other writing/publishing blogs.

Bottom line: there's good news and bad news: many of the things I've wanted to point out about publishing have already been said somewhere else. (That's the bad news.) But I still think I have a new viewpoint to bring to the discussion. (That would be the good news, folks.)

There are straight-up writing blogs by writers, for writers, about writing, reading, ranting, and publishing. There are agents and editors, agents who used to be editors, and I'm sure somewhere there are editors who used to be agents; all kinds of people in publishing ranting on and on about their particular role in the process. There are the POD people whose main interest seems to be drumming up business for themselves (cough -- BookLocker -- cough). And there's Dan Poynter trying to get everyone to start up their own publishing business so he can get rich selling them all they need to know to do so.

But there doesn't seem to be a Shadow, a self-publisher (with a real publishing business) at the very beginning of his game.

Then again, now that I've widened the scope of my blog reading, there's all the more grist for blog writing. Watch out, blogoshpere: Shadow's here.

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